About Us...

As part of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, we take advantage of being affiliated with the top-ranked hospital in the nation. And while rankings aren't everything, they have certainly helped us attract some of the brightest physicians, educators and students in the country.

The Johns Hopkins Schools of Medical Imaging offers full-time certificate programs that will train you to become a specialist of the highest caliber. We emphasize theoretical training and practical hands-on clinical experience to prepare you to become a leader in your selected field. Whether you wish to advance in clinical specialization, management, marketing, equipment sales or education, we'll make sure you're ready to take that first or next step in your career and excel beyond all expectations.

We offer 3 Core Programs in Medical Imaging:
1. Radiography (18 months)
2. Nuclear Medicine Technology (18 months)
3. Diagnostic Medical Sonography (14 months)

We also offer the following specialized Imaging Programs:
1. Computed Tomography (CT) (5 Months)
      Contact Bea Mudge, RT(R)(CT) bmudge@jhmi.edu
      CT Program Application
2. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (6 Months)
      Contact Dennis Agostino dagostino@jhmi.edu
      MRI Program Application